Friday, February 1, 2013

Hooray for Groundhog's Day!!!

Well today super busy...we worked so hard making predictions about that little special groundhog Phil! This morning we listened to some fun Groundhog songs we found on YouTube. Then we read some good books and did our writing craftivity!  The kiddos wrote about what they thought the groundhog would do when he came out of his burrow! 
Check it out below!

You can download this fun craftivity in my Hooray, It's Groundhog's Day {Mini Learning Unit} at my TpT Store.  Just click on the link below!

Later, we spent some time making our predictions on the Mimio.  The vote stayed close the entire time.  As the students made their prediction on whether, Yes Phil will see his shadow or No Phil will not see his shadow, the class made tally marks on their Groundhog's Day Graph.  Check it out below!

They did an amazing job tallying as each student went up to make their prediction! 
What hard working first graders I have!


Here are the books we loved to read today!  Happy Groundhog's Day...

Don't forget if you would like to download by Hooray, It's Groundhog's Day {A Mini Learning Unit}
Click the link below:

Have a great night!

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