Friday, January 3, 2014

Five for Friday.......Christmas Vacation, New Years and Back to Work

I am blogging AGAIN and I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to bring you my Five for Friday!!!!  I am so sorry but with Christmas, and our trip to Florida I have been BUSY!!!  Our little family spent some much need vacation time in the beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida...and can I just say it was FANTASTIC!!!

We spent a whole week walking on the beach, collecting shells, watching the dolphins swim, and soaking in the hot tubs and heated pools!  We loved everyday we were there!  Santa even found us in Florida... which our youngest thought was AMAZING!  All of them enjoyed opening presents and then heading out into the almost 70 degree weather to stoll and swim.  Being from Missouri we are used to being cooped up all winter, so the outside time was FABULOUS!!!  Here are a few pictures of our view and our favorite things to do while we were there!

Now that we are home...14 and a half hours in the car with three kids...can I say YIKES...we made it back to the Show-Me State and the below average temps...BUUURRRR....and have slowly recouped and come back to life after our travels.  We spent New Years Eve at home celebrating low key with some yummy snacks and some hot chocolate!
Image courtesy of DJ Inkers
Today was my first day back to work...we had a half day of PLC and a half day work day in our room...which means a lot of teacher gossiping as we hadn't seen each other in two full weeks!  Let me tell you I work with some amazing {16} first grade teachers and we have A LOT to say when we all get together...even when we are disecting Smarter Balanced Test Questions...can we say {BORING}! 
Perks do come on work LUNCH out... like not in a cafeteria...and all the teachers cheer RIGHT????
Well that is all for now...gonna get my sweet boy to bed as we prep for another snow storm here in Missouri!  We may not teach until spring...I am pretty sure I only taught like 7 or 8 days in December and the start of next week weather wise IS NOT looking good at all! 
I will be back soon with updates to my Winter Wonderland Work Station Pack!  
Happy Friday Blogging Friends!!!